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At Pure Magic IT Services, email marketing is integral to communicating and engaging effectively with our audience.

Email marketing is applied in a variety of formats:

  • Weekly/Monthly Newsletters
  • Trigger Mails
  • Webinar notifications
  • Promotional campaigns
  • Re-engaging older, inactive prospects.

Reporting and Analysis

Open Rate:
38% Open Rate

Click-Through Rate:
3.5% CTR (well above industry averages)

Re-activated Leads:
85 re-activated leads (which in turn resulted in additional revenue
for the organization)


On a daily basis, Upgrade-Skills receives hundreds of leads and general enquiries from people looking for more information on our course content. Some of these leads convert by purchasing a course, but equally there are many leads who find they are not ready to commit to a course at that particular time.

This means that there are many leads in our CRM system that are interested in studying a course at Upgrade-Skills in the future. With this in Email Marketing Case Study mind, we decided to launch a re-engagement campaign designed to reactivate these prospects and re-ignite their interest in our offerings

Target Audience

All contacts in the previous 6 months that did not purchase a course.


In order to successfully re-engage these prospects, our content had to be relevant and meaningful to the target audience. We developed an exclusive offer – a free short course for anybody who made a purchase by the end of that month.

We developed an email outlining this offer. When they clicked on a button CTA, this action brought users to a separate
campaign page, which offered more information. On this page, there was a short contact form. When it was completed, this alerted our training consultants to the fact that a prospect was interested, and had been reactivated.

Delivery Management

Active Campaign was used to deliver these email communications to the target audience. The emails were scheduled to be delivered at 11AM, and tailored to the time zone and geographic location of the user.

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